Brian Murrow has been on the leading edge of advanced analytics and AI for over 25 years. Brian specializes in evaluating, developing, and implementing advanced analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions for operations, counter-fraud advisory and solutions, risk, compliance, and financial reporting across multiple sectors and industries, including financial services, government regulators, and nonprofits.

Brian's advisory experience ranges from Fortune 50 clients through early-stage start-ups. For example, he has advised 27 of the top 50 global banks and insurance companies teaming with senior executives to envision how digital, Fintech, Regtech, Insurtech and analytics solutions transform business. He focuses on developing strategy and advancing progress through the implementation of MVPs, digital infrastructure, and secure enterprise data foundation and transformation.

Brian advises and invests in early-stage start-ups, teaming with leading VCs, concentrating on developing product and go-to-market strategy, focusing on the integration of advanced analytics, AI, and machine learning into the core business. Brian supports PEs and VCs through technical due diligence, providing a complete evaluation of product, strategy, compliance, infrastructure, architecture, and DevOps practices.

To support future business and analytics leaders and the furtherance of analytics research, Brian was an Adjunct Professor and Faculty Member at The George Washington University where he works with graduate students in the Business School's Masters in Business Analytics program teaching the capstone Business Analytics Practicum course. Brian continues to support education in the field of business analytics through his role on the GW MSBA Advisory Board and the employment of teams of interns for business analytics research projects.

Brian’s ideas are his own and do not reflect those of clients or any employers. If you are interested in discussing or collaborating on ideas as how strategic analytics lead to better results in business or government feel free to contact me.